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Free e-Books 2018-2020    

Australia COVID19 Mandatory Vaccine Boomerang Karma

This free booklet, above, relates to:

IELTS Global Human Trafficking – International Students


Child Protection – Public Memo Version 2

Coronavirus COVID19 VaccINE  New, August 14

Budding Writers’ Holy Grail  New, August 9


George Floyd – Book of Questions 

George Floyd Trials .gov Research Handbook  

George Floyd Code 17 Hit Job   

Coronavirus Vaccine Genocide?  

NESARA : Part 2, 2020  

Boycott Beijing Bureau Handbook  

Coronavirus COVID19 Handbook  

Economic Depression Survival 101 

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall  

Print Press Prospects  

Coronavirus Tom Hanks, Page 6  

Corona Virus False Flag  

Thespian Decoys 

MK Ultra Mind Control 

House of Windsor Crime Family  

Antarctica Distraction Agenda  

Project Blue Beam False Flag 

Escape the Matrix  

Declare independence, AMERICA!   

Can you believe, they put a man on the Moon?  

America’s homeless – 50 faces and voices  

9/11 – 119 Questions  

9/11 – 199 Questions 31 Meg PDF higher resolution

Donald Trump Governor of the Army  

Julian Assange : News Cop or Psy-Op? 

How banks spin trends and infiltrate sheeple  

666 Phenomenon: The Simpsons et al.   

101 Magic Moments in World Sport   

QAnon phenomenon June 2019   

NESARA Drain the Swamp – Global currency reset     

China, 21st Century civilization destiny  

Civilizational Resets    

Education or Indoctrination? Discerning the difference  

Footwear design: Staking your signature style  

Freely interpreting Judeo-Christian teachings  

Deep State Playbook 101

Military tribunals – Journalists’ handbook  

Flight MH370 – 17 fascinating facts

Understanding Cryptocurrencies : Bitcoin et al.

The Five GOATS of Modern Tennis

Ethical Journalism: A Guide for Journalists in a Post-truth era

Investigative Journalism Report

University of Sydney: Human Trafficking Diploma Mill

IELTS band 6.5 for writing is a global modern slavery fraud racket.

Human trafficking fraud crimes that target Asian and Arab international students occurs

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College Radio Broadcasters

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